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UStrive connects high school students with a mentor through our online mentoring platform, to make the college application process easy & fun.

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What can UStrive do?

Learn more about the features that UStrive has to offer its community of high school students and mentors.

Free Virtual Mentoring

UStrive makes college access guidance free to all students. Students can choose a free volunteer mentor, who in turn helps the student with all their college application needs. Many of these mentors come from the corporate world & can provide a roadmap for students not just for college, but of what it takes to be successful after college as well.

Step-by-Step Guidance

UStrive breaks down the college application process into small chunks so that the college application process is more manageable and isn’t quite so overwhelming.

Multiple Ways to Connect

Students and mentors can work together on all the various steps of the college application process via phone call, video chat & messaging, all without exchanging any personal information.

College Search Tool

Students can find out all sorts of valuable information about colleges, ranging from the size of a particular school, to the majors offered and the actual expected price they would likely pay based on their family income level.

Connect with College Admissions Offices

Students can also reach out to admissions officers at many of our partner colleges through the UStrive platform to find out more about the university. This can often really make them stand out from the pack!


Hear from other students and mentors about their recommendations on how best to handle the college admissions process.

Getting started couldn't be easier.

If you are a high school student and feel as though you could use some help with the college application process, follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way!

  • Create an Account

    Simply create a UStrive student account with us today. We will then ask you to provide a phone number and we will send you a text to verify that phone number. (This ensures students and mentors can exchange messages with one another.) After that, it’s time to…

  • Pick a Mentor

    Not only do you get help with your college applications for free, but you get to choose which mentor you’d like to work with! You can even look to see if any of our mentors majored in a subject you are interested in or have attended the schools you are considering applying to.

  • Choose a Topic

    After you’ve determined which mentor to work with, you’ll let that mentor know what aspect of the college application process you’d like to work on first. After that, you and your mentor will work collaboratively together on all your college application questions and you’ll be off to the races!

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What better way to learn about Strive than to hear from real former students!

Before UStrive, I never had that person to answer my college questions. My amazing UStrive mentor believes in me and is there to answer my questions. :)

Frances - Brandeis University

Having a mentor has put me at ease. I go to my mentor with anxiety, stress, confusion and he always gives me very good advice.

Jerry - Harvard University

My mentor helped me so much! She edited my essays and discussed how to select the best-fit college. I’m thankful I registered for UStrive!

Sam - Yale University

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more? Read below for some of our frequently asked questions.

UStrive is an online mentoring platform that connects high school students with a free volunteer mentor who helps make the college application process as simple and stress-free as possible. Students and mentors communicate exclusively on the platform and can connect anytime that is convenient for them.

UStrive also creates a personalized set of steps to help students stay on track and understand aspects of the college application process that they may initially find challenging. With the help of their mentor though, they soon learn that it’s much easier than they initially thought.

UStrive is proud to be 100% free to students. If you have questions about the college application process, our mentors would love to help.

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